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Within the UK right now, there are thousands of businesses who fall short of Health and Safety Legal compliance.  Small to medium sized businesses are the biggest offenders due to a number of factors but mainly; time restrictions, cost, lack of knowledge / skill and lack of information and guidance. Unfortunately, they are also the group that suffer the most as the cost implications of a Health and Safety breach can often be unrecoverable. 

Non-compliance with health and safety regulations inevitably leads to reputational damage for most businesses. If accidents happen in your workplace as a result of poor risk management, word will likely spread about your business’s lack of commitment to keeping workers, site visitors or members of the public safe. Similarly, if legal action is taken against your business in response to a breach of regulations, this will have a knock-on effect on your reputation.  

Therefore, In the same vein as the old saying, prevention is better than cure – The cost of Health and safety compliance is better than cost of a health and safety fine. In fact, compliance is significantly cheaper 

Caledonia Safety Services aims to provide a high-quality Health and Safety consultancy service, making compliance simple so that Business owners, Directors and managers can focus on running their business and making it a success.

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